How I Was Laughed At When I Told People I Use Water For Fuel

Gas prices are constantly going up and down but as you will see within this article. Using water for fuel really does work! I was heavily skeptical to use water in my fuel tank for fear of course using water for fuel would completely ruin my engine, but that is exactly what happened. Most of them, laughed at me when I bring with me changing pad cover, but they don’t have a child, so… Also, many of them did not want to make sports online betting regarding this situation. I personally knew Meridian was my chance. That’s why I tried it!


While it sounded absolutely ridiculous to me, I decided to give it a shot because there must be some truth to it. There are thousands of people all over the world who have built their own water power engines and have been saving on their gas bills for years now.

Once I learned the truth behind using water for fuel, I couldn’t help but get an even more skeptical attitude. The reason why I was skeptical in the first place was that gas prices were constantly rising, and historically high gas prices always lead to financial troubleā€¦so was there any way out?

I decided to do some research and find out if using water for fuel was truly a viable solution to help save gas.

What is water for fuel?

Water can be used to fuel your car when used as a supplement to gasoline. In very basic terms, your car will be able to separate the hydrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules in water which can be used as power. The clear bottle will not be helpful in this situation, but it will be very useful to have it with you at any time. It is always good, even necessary, to have fresh water with you.

Water fuel is not the same as burning gas

This might seem like a really odd question to ask, but actually, it is quite a good one. When we talk about water for fuel it is technically referring to producing an engine with a fuel source that can run partially on water.

Water is made up of two molecules hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. This atom of oxygen is an essential part of the process of combustion. So when you burn gasoline, the engine can create a stronger explosion in the cylinder. This stronger explosion is what gives the car its power.

The difference between water and gasoline

When we foregoing the technical terms of how exactly your car burns gasoline, we are talking about the chemical properties of water. Water is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen and is found in all-natural resources that are valuable like water, plants, animals, and metals.

When you burn gasoline, hydrogen, and oxygen are released as a result of the burning process. When water is added to gasoline, it makes the process yield a more complete burn of the fuel source.

Water is added because the car doesn’t need to burn gasoline or diesel completely. When the fuel source is partially burned, the engine emits only a small amount of steam into the environment. Keeping in mind the environment, this partial burn leaves much to be desired.

Think of your car as a big recipe. The variables of temperature and pressure will help the recipe to be better. Add water and you will be able to change the variables to make the recipe better. This in turn will make your car run better and for longer.

Tuning the engine

The engine can obtain the optimum temperature for efficient combustion with the aid of sensors located in different parts of the engine. In cars that are electronically controlled, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a crucial part that controls the performance and maintenance of the engine.

For people who are not familiar with the engine control module, it is a feedback loop that controls aspects of the fuel injection, variable valve timing, exhaust recirculation, and turbocharging. It is a complex system where the sensor absorbs data from the engine into its sensor program which in turn activates the electronic control unit to perform the desired task.

Though the engine control module can obtain optimum combustion parameters through the utilization of sensors and feedbacks from the engine, it is not a do-it-yourself system. You will need to consult a mechanic to understand how exactly the engine control module works.

Are there any benefits of using water as an alternative to gas?

Converting your car to run on water assures several benefits for one simple reason: water is a renewable fuel source.

The world is depleting its natural resources and the cost of finding new sources of fuel is becoming more and more expensive. We are also reaching the point of depleting natural gas and fossil fuel reserves and the rate of usage is also increasing drastically. For this reason, it is necessary to look for viable options, alternatives that will allow us to burn our fuel much more efficiently.

Secondly, water is a very cheap fuel. It is estimated that on typical usage, only about 20 cents goes to the fuel tank. The rest of the money goes to pollution. As mentioned before, we need to find new and improved ways of burning fuel and on what systems. One such system is burning water.

Using water or H2O as fuel is more efficient than using gasoline because it does not cost as much to make it. The only thing left to do is to cut in your head and make a decision. In such situations, I imagine the best Japanese shears which are one of the best in their quality. They cut and decide for me. I must mention that I always feel good after that. 

To some, all of this may be ridiculous, as if I brought saddle blankets to ride a car. But what matters is that this is quite feasible and possible. Be an explorer, because, you will never know what new you will find!

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